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Jill Z
Best and smartest massage Suzie and her crew are amazing. This is the place for you if you workout and value intelligent body work. All the therapists are well versed in working with athletes and various health conditions. Best place to go if your looking to maintain a healthy body, stay injury free or for a therapist smart enough to work in conjunction with a physical therapist or physician.
Great massage and friendly service They were great! Great service and friendly!
Nazli T
Very pleased with the service I have took several massage appointments from Shavon while I was in Raleigh and was very pleased with the service. She is very attentive to detail for example she was paying attention what kind of music the music I preferred etc. She is also very professional in her massage technique.
Loftin J
Hurt so Good Love this place and the people! They’re keeping me moving and working hard.
Joanne L
Made me whole again! After 8 long months in a wheelchair, every muscle hurt, from head to toe. Suzie and Dagmar worked weekly to loosen my muscles, to relieve the pain,and to restore my mobility. My appreciation knows no bounds. ♥️
Great people and environment I took my daughter to the Sport of Massage a few years ago and she loved it. Now I go every 2 weeks to keep a sports injury in check. Dagmar is wonderful. I also love all the little extra touches you find throughout the space. I highly recommend this group for sports related issues as well as regular massage
Massage Excellent service. Massage therapist are awesome, I have going there on an average twice a month for the past 12-14 months and will continue to do that. Great help in recovering from knee replacement surgery.
Johnnie Bright
Detailed Massage Review of Dagmar Stolp LMBT Dagmar always addresses exactly where it is needed most and is always willing to work on the specific area of discomfort. She does a great job.
Jennifer L
Awesome Dagmar is simply awesome at what she does!
Brenda J
Dagmar Dagmar is extremely knowledgeable about how one's muscle's work. She shows her patient's that she cares.
Julie L
Dagmar is Amazing! I have been seeing Dagmar regularly for over 6 months now, and she is by far the best massage therapist I have ever received treatment from. The pain and mobility in my neck and shoulders is significantly improved, and she has proven to be a very important part of my pain management regimen. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a medical massage therapist!
Tony B
Great Place Had a great massage and will definitely be back. If you're an athlete that knows the importance of a quality massage...this is the place.
Jennifer L
Keeps me going Dagmar is the best !! Professional and just a great energy to be around !
Johnnie B
Testimonial Review of Dagmar Stolp LMBT Professional but at the same time, a very relaxed atmosphere. Dagmar does a great job and really tries to work the areas that need the most help.
Jennifer S
Great Review of Dagmar Stolp LMBT Dagmar listens well when I let her know what areas need the most work and what is going on with my body. She adapts the massage to what I need. She gives the best deep tissue massages !
Jared G
Miracle Workers With a history of IT Band issues, I was understandably disappointed when I felt familiar pain during a long run just weeks before my Ironman event. A trusted friend referred me to Suzy but I skeptically made an appointment. Over the next several weeks Suzy performed a miracle on my leg. It was incredibly painful at first and yet, incredibly effective. I went on to have my best race in three years and the best marathon of my life, stand alone OR Ironman. I'd recommend Suzy and The Sport of Massage to anyone who takes their sport seriously.
Billy M
Get Back in the game I have a condition which affect the hypermobility of my joints. As a result I have muscle recruitment or firing issues that are required to stabilize a joint. To do this you need neuromuscular communication, tissue quality, and tissue length. Suzie and her staff all have their unique areas of expertise and handle tissue quality and length very well through massage. For me, the neuromuscular facilitation was what will always be the missing link. Enter Kinesio Tape and Suzie, the "taping Ninja". My movement quality has improved more dramatically and pain controlled more effectively through KT than any other modality I've tried... and I've tried them all. Suzie made herself available to me on weekends, text, would check up on me, educate me... and now I can pretty much tape myself. I can't thank Suzie enough for changing my life!! And I don't think the word quit is in her vocabulary, nor mine. For most high level athletes, it's not. Even if you've lost your drive, her presence will motivate you. Just can't say enough. Best place to go, especially if you are a dedicated athlete or serious weekend warrior.
Great Massage! Review of Dagmar Stolp LMBT Dagmar is an Excellent Massage Therapist!
Angel T
Amazing place The therapist here are stellar! If you are an athlete in any form of the word, this is your place, Suzi has helped me through a knee injury and was the first therapist to notice I had a curvature to my cervical vertebrae. Very thorough and very professional! Best massage group I've ever been to!
Fantastic Experience! The Sport of Massage does an exceptionally good job of tailoring each session to your specific needs. They are truly great!
Worked a Miracle I really didn't think I could complete my race with the leg pain I was experiencing Susie. Thank you so much for getting me in prior to the race!! I had my best ride of the year so far, with very little pain. I really can't explain what a significant improvement it was. You are a miracle worker! Go see Susie at The Sport of Massage.
jill z
best sports massage ever Review of Suzie Bush LMBT Suzie is very knowledgeable in her field, instantly puts you at ease and is very effective. Best massage and a must have for athletes!
Excellent Pre- and Post Race Suzie got my loose and ready to race and definitely helped me recover quicker post race. She is excellent.
Flo M
Therapeutic Sports Massage Susie Bush is an experienced massage therapist who demonstrates what therapeutic sports massage is all about. She is extremely knowledgeable about the musculoskeletal anatomy and the many ways it can become compromised due to stress, overtraining or improper training, or injury. Suzie also recognizes and incorporates a team approach to the optimal care of her clients as she refers out to appropriate healthcare providers. She also receives many referrals from healthcare providers due to her commitment to helping clients achieve their ultimate health goals.
Knowledge and Experience 10/10 As someone who works in sports medicine I can attest that Suzie's exceptional knowlege of soft tissue and anatomy as well as her manual technique is the best you can find. She has given me relief from pain where exercise and stretching alone could not help. She is THE BEST!
Kirk P
Best sport massage I have been a competitive cyclist for over 20 years. Without a doubt, the therapeutic massages I've received at the Sport of Massage have been the best. Suzie really knows her art and backs it up with a thorough understanding of physisology and continous education. I can't say enough good things about the effectiveness of her massages.
healing massage I am 66, with all the normal aches and pains that come with that age. However, I have been partially paralized for the last 20. I have been pretty proactive with my handicap. I work with a trainer, physical therapists, massage therapists, doctors, etc. Suzi has helped heal my body in ways no one else could or can. She can tell me when I'm going to have a problem before it starts! Then what to do to correct it or she corrects it herself. It is not always a "feel good" massage. But I always feel good when I leave. Mind, body and spirit!!
Best Sports Massage Therapist in Raleigh! Suzie is absolutely the best sports massage therapist - she is extremely knowledgable and has an innate ability to find and fix those nagging issues. I have always incorporated massage into my training and have seen the full benefits of regular massage.
I have my body back Getting older has taken a toll on my former athlete body. Achilles Tendonitits, knees, neck, you name it. My first session literally brought tears to my eyes because it felt like my muscles, connective tissues, and joints got power washed. Best EVER!!!
Dagmar Dagmar is a professional massage therapist. I see her to manage my back pain. She does a fantastic job working with me. Come see her and she will take care of you,
Julie G
THE BEST MASSAGE PRACTICE I'VE EVER BEEN TO (BY FAR!) Shavon always does an absolutely AMAZING job and is helping me tremendously with my neck, knees and hip/lower back pain. She is super friendly, very communicative with zeroing in on what needs to be done, and is always completely tuned in with my problem areas that need extra work. Her talents are helping me move much more freely and with less pain. I can't say enough good things about her, or about The Sport of Massage!
Karen S
Shavon Green Shavon is a stellar massage therapist. I recently had shoulder surgery and had been just going to PT. My PT recommended The Sport of Massage and I got in for a session with Shavon. Well, it was exactly what I needed to add to my program. My shoulder is doing so much better. I continue to see Shavon every couple of weeks since I have a back issue and my shoulder still needs some work but I have never been so happy with a massage therapist and I have seen several others in the past. She is professional and knows her business but I also love talking with her. We try and solve the problems of the world together. She is the real deal and so is The Sport of Massage!
Cat W
Highly Recommend! Review of Dagmar Stolp LMBT I have been seeing Dagmar for nearly 2 years. Seeing her has become a regular part of my health & fitness routine! She has expert knowledge on sports-related injuries (I see her for back and knee pain). She is kind and professional and truly helps with pain relief of sore or tight muscles.
Grade A Service! Becky and the environment at The Sport of the Massage is Grade A. I have gotten massages at other places but The Sport of the Massage offers a great environment, friendly staff members, and awesome service. Becky always goes out of her way to fit me into her busy schedule, even if it is last minute. As someone that is an avid fitness advocate, I always walk in with aches and pains and leave feeling relieved and knot free. I give Becky and The Sport of the Massage a 5 star rating!
Best Place in town TSOM is my go to place when my body needs to recover. The knowledge and treatment is top notch AND they the T-shirts they give are amazingly soft!
Michelle V
The best around for maintenance and injury recovery Suzie and team are the best in triangle! They know exactly what to do to treat injuries and keep you playing your sport at a high level!
Sam T
Athlete Centric Not a lot of fluff and incense. 2 visits have made such a positive impact on my pain level and ROM. Highly recommended!
Ben L
Very Good I have been coming to here for a few months now. I am very active maybe too much for my own good, but Dagmar and Emma know exactly what to do and it makes a huge difference. They want you to feel good so you can live an active lifestyle. Very lucky to have them!
Michelle G
Excellent It's difficult to find massage therapists who are certified and skilled in medical massage. The therapists at this practice are better than I could have reasonably hoped for. I had meniscus surgery and, as a result, my whole body was out-of-whack (stiff IT band, muscular atrophy, lower back pain, etc.) and the treatments I received were amazing. Both Suzy and Dagmar are deeply versed and experienced in medical massage and apply their knowledge effectively. Can't imagine going anywhere else.
Bob W
Best Massage for any athlete I'm an endurance coach as well as an athlete myself and have been using "sports" massage for decades personally, as well as recomending it to my athletes. Suzy and her crew are by far the BEST I've encountered with their knowledge of medicine and athletes. Don't think too long about it: just make the appointment!
Kathleen J
Not enough stars! Review of Dagmar Stolp LMBT Dagmar has done more for my injured body in just a few sessions than cortisone shots and PT combined. She works with the precision of a surgeon and the touch of a healer. Regular sessions with her is the best use I've made of my health care dollars in years.
TSOM Love my time at TSOM, I try to make it there once a month. I can use my Flex Spending Account there as well and I leave feeling great!
Greta S
Very Roomy Review of Suzie Bush LMBT I have been extremely pleased with my time spent with Suzie and the body work she has done for me.
Erika B
Great for Athletes! The folks at The Sport of Massage are a critical component of my recovery process! As a competitive swimmer, they are very familiar with the primary muscles we overwork and use great techniques to allow me to continue my hard training!
Katherine F
Exceptional service Suzie is a true master of her craft. She cares about her clients, listens and pays attention to your concerns, and gives helpful tips in your post-massage movements. I benefit from my regular appointments with her. I learn more and benefit more than any physical therapist work I did. I consistently recommend her to friends. She is amazing!
Jeffrey M
Suzie She is far and away the best I've yet to experience, a great combo of strong hands and the understanding of how the body works at its best
Michelle V
Suzie is the best! I don't know what I would do without her. Review of Suzie Bush LMBT I'm an athlete and have had a hard time finding a massage therapist in the triangle that could deal with my complex back and shoulder issues. But after seeing Suzie Bush regularly, I've never felt better. She is genuinely attentive to my symptoms and knows exactly how to treat them. I can't say enough good things about her.
Suzette S
5 Stars all the way! They accomplish what others can't for my pain..
Absolutely Effective! Great results! I've been functioning (aka living with) some effects of a car accident injury over the last year. Suzie is really helping to remedy my neck and shoulder issues and helping me to get back on track with my exercise. She really knows how to help you get full function out of your muscles.
Kristin C
AHHH I can always be guaranteed to feel better after a visit to The Sport of Massage
Ashley S
Excellent service and excellent treatment Suzie was able to help with lower back pain that I had been having for months. I tried other avenues that hadn't worked when I was finally referred to Suzie. Wish I had found her sooner!
Alvin R
First time Never had a sports massage before but my PT told me to do so because of back issues. I am a true believer! Very professional and very personal, I will be back!
Thomas W
Great for before and after! Mrs. Bush gave me a massage both before and after my swim meet. Felt great going into the meet and recovered faster after. Will be doing it again for the next one!
Medical massage Mecca! Suzie's got the credentials and expertise to work wonders for those who have medical issues amenable to massage. Anyone with arthritic problems of the spine who has never tried massage to help in it's management owes it to themselves to give it a try, and Suzie's the best.
Unexpected Results! Review of Suzie Bush LMBT I was referred to Suzie by my physical therapist for a neck/shoulder problem. Suzie was very thorough in her examination, and explained her findings to me in terms I could understand. Then, she in 2 or 3 visits Suzie proceeded to fix not only my neck and shoulder, but also my lower back. Because of Suzie, I was able to work out and run pain free for the first time in months. The Sport of Massage is the ONLY place I recommend now to friends. They are THE BEST. Thanks Suzie!
Melissa V
Restorative Massage! Suzie is knowledgeable and extremely aware of what each individual requires! I schedule massages around my training and they are essential to my recovery and continued performance.
dawn d
RN These ladies are AWESOME!!! I look forward to the relief they are able to provide with whatever issue I have at the moment. Highly recommend their services :)
Dave S
Saved by Suzie I have been fighting back and neck pain for six months or more. MRI showed bone spurs at C5 and herniation at C6. I had been to a Neuro Surgeon four times asking him why no surgery given I was in so much pain. I couldn't work out other than walk. Fortunately Dr. Koeleveld is honest and kept sending me to PT. FInally my PT said he could do no more and recommended Suzie. She has saved me. After four treatments and two dry needling sessions, which she recommended, I am pain free. I haven't felt this good in years. I can't recommend her enough. She will tell you the truth about whether or not she can help you. After this I can't believe I was considering surgery, I just never believed I would ever feel this good again. Thanks
So thankful for massage!! You freed up my shoulder, fixed my arms, worked on my calf & lower back. I love that you know how everything is connected & works together.
Jason D
Exceptional Practice Suzie is exceptional at what she does. She has incredible clinical experience, excellent technique and an innate sense of what treatment the body needs. She has done wonders for me personally, as well as all of my athletes, and clients from the general population. I am so thankful to have Suzie in my network of professionals. She does extraordinary work and I highly recommend her.
Amazing shourlder & hip work Suzie worked on my shoulder and loosened it up. I have regained mobility that had been gone for a few months. Also, the opposite hip/hamstring was problematic and she helped me on the road to healing those areas as well.
Amazing sports massage that has significantly improved my life Suzie Bush is Ana amazing sports masseuse. She helped relieve pain in my body being caused by my muscles and is now part of my overall wellness plan. I run and by including sports massage into my fitness and wellness plan, it has improved my running and it is something I look forward to after long runs.
Amazing Suzie! Suzie saved my training for the Raleigh 70.3 Ironmen!!! I was having hamstring problems and she was able to work out the issues which allowed me to train and recover for the event. No pain, no gain!
Awesome Wonderful 2 nd visit. Amazing results in such a short time. No Motrin needed now for the first time in almost 3 weeks. Great relief. Thanks Suzie!
Getting me ready for the Ironman race I had issues with my back and calf that was hindering me not to be able to race in the Raleigh Ironman. Suzie's knowledge of sports athletes mixed with massage techniques got me up and running for the race for which I completed at a good pace.
Knows her stuff. Very thorough! She does a great job trying to keep things light but constantly moving. I have been quite impressed so far and offer quite a challenge to her but she is up for the challenge. She listens, answers questions and talks thru what she is going to do. I would recommend her to anyone.
Make the appointment ! For relief of muscle or joint pain, soreness, or for integrating an important tool in an overall preventative health and self-care plan, look no further than The Sport of Massage. They are the best.
Massage Suzie has to be one of the best sports massages in the Raleigh area. She has been working on me for my upcoming Boston marathon race. I am having trouble with my periformis. She has helped my problem tremendously. She is a delightful person as well. I would not use anyone else if you are an athlete with an injury.
Suzie is the Best Suzie is the most knowledgeable and skilled Sports Massage Therapist I have ever visited. Several strains and injuries have all been addressed in a very friendly yet professional manner. The kinesio taping service is also a benefit to the massage services.
Suzie is the best! After two hip surgeries and a back surgery, everything was feeling very tight and sore. Suzie came highly recommended to me by two different trainers and my PT. Thanks to Suzie my hips and low back feel better than ever. She truly is a miracle worker and knows her stuff. I've been to many different massage therapists and Suzie is the first person that I can actually feel and notice significant changes for the better. If you haven't seen her yet, then you have no idea what you're missing.
Suzie Keeps me Going! Thanks to Suzie I have been able to train at the optimal level over the last 10 months which has helped me achieved numerous goals throughout the season. She is very knowledgeable and gets to know you both physiologically and as personally! I don't hesitate to send my athletes in to see her for treatment. Looking forward to a successful 2013 season with the Sport of Massage!
The Sport of Massage exceeds all expectations My 13 yo daughter experienced a severe knee injury in gymnastics. After surgery and many months of PT she was just not getting better. A good friend recommended Suzie Bush and therapeutic massage for her continued pain and swelling. Suzie expertise in sports injuries speaks volumes in the results we have gotten. My daughter did have to have another surgery on her knee but now she is pain free with full range of motion and no swelling. Suzie was instrumental in my daughter's recovery. Suzie gave her the mental support she needed as an athlete as well as a teen girl!
Words cannot express... how happy I am to have found the Sport of Massage. I saw an improvement in my running/recovery even after my first appointment with Suzie, and now that I've been coming to regular appointments for about a year, I honestly cannot imagine training without her! She's the best!!
AHHHHHHHHHH! My 10 year old received her first massage from Suzie. Of course, my daughter loved it, was very comfortable and felt great! Suzie was extremely professional and explained everything she would do before she started and kept confirming with my child that she was comfortable with everything that she was doing. I appreciate Suzie's care and explanations for the concerns a minor had for her first massage experience. We will be back and we'll bring my 7 year old too!
Amazing work! Suzie helped me prior to knee surgery and after surgery. I contribute the success of my recovery in part to her keeping me in good balance. When you have an injury in one place, you start to compensate in other places. Suzi helped me undstand what was happening and helped make it better. I highly recommend her services, and I should also mention that Suzi is a great all-around person who has sincere interest in her clients.
best sports massage ever Suzie knows her business. leg and shoulder problem, two sessions, 6 months free and clear. Awesome.
Overview of Suzie Bush A consumate Professional, itelligent beyond the scope of her license with an in in depth knowledge of the human body and specific needs per individual and type of Athletic activity. After an 8 month injury and no resolution from anywhere else, I am pain free, able to perform my sports again and all because of Suzie! I will see her at a minimum of once a month for regular maintenance to avoid overuse injury now that I am healed, and know where to go if I have another unexpected sports injury!
Quick Results Suzie worked with me to overcome a very stressed out back! After recovering from a broken foot, my back was next. Within a very short time, Suzie had me back to running. The combo of massage and stretching was better than relying on vitamin I. thanks suzie
Strongly recommend Suzie knows her stuff- having experience and credentials in medical massage that show in the results that I've had with her in managing my progressive arthritis. Many thanks!
January M
Awesome Sports Massage!! Suzie is awesome!!! I would recommend her to anyone everytime I go in she works miracles on me. No matter what issues I have going on she fixes them everytime and I always feel great. She's like no other I'm telling you she listens first then does her work that's what I love about her!!!!
Gifted hands. The work I had done by Suzie was amazing. She has gifted hands and is able to feel what needs to be done. She enjoys the challenge of solving a problem. It makes a huge difference in how I feel when she works on my muscles.
Great! Wonderful!
stewart p.
hidden gemstone.... Suzie has played an integral role in my continuing recovery from rotator cuff injury. She also helps negate and counterbalance the rigors that come from driving for a living as well. She is always on point and a blast to converse with too!!! A+++
Blair B
Professional Service with Great Results I had a fabulous experience at the sport of massage! Being in physical therapy school I was very aware of my condition and what areas needed to be focused on. I was thrilled when meeting with Suzie that she was so knowledgeable and confident in her ability to treat my condition. I had great results in just a few sessions after months of pain. I will definitely be returning to The Sport of Massage in the future!
Patrick W
Suzie fixed me up! I've visited the Sport of Massage several times. Suzie helped me get through some tough training for Boston Marathon, both with general massage and working on 2 specific lower leg issues. Suzie did a great job helping me work through a very tight, sore calf muscle, including taping the injury to give it some support. I'll be back there soon.
The Sport of Massage is wonderful I would highly recommend The Sport of Massage. Suzie is incredibly knowledgeable. I was a little timid during my first visit because I had no idea what to expect. She was very thorough in explaining what would happen and remained thorough during my visit, while relating to me on a personal level. Follow-ups are done after every visit to see how you feel afterwards. My husband and oldest son see Suzie as well! I don't believe you will find a better place, whether it is for maintenance or to help with any specific injuries.
When you need a true expert... I saw countless massage therapists over the years for chronic neck and back problems. It wasn't until I met Suzie that I realized how big the difference is between a "feel good" massage and focused therapy from a true muscle and anatomy expert! Whether you're healing or competing... go see her!